are you ready to take control
of your shopping habits
for good?

I help women transform their shopping habits and create an intentional life filled with contentment.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You constantly find yourself in a cycle of buying and decluttering, often buying things on whims or impulse and then end up regretting them later.

You go to stopping to feel better or change your mood—retail therapy or quick ‘pick me ups’ are staples for you.

You’re scared to open your credit card bills and bank statement because you know you’re not spending how you should be.

You find yourself shopping all the time, whether that’s scrolling in bed at home, popping by the shops on your way home, or browsing Amazon on breaks.

You know you should stop shopping or change your habits but you’re not really sure where to start or how to do it.

if you're tired of...

  • feeling dissatisfied with what you own—  there never seems to be enough and you struggle to appreciate what you have
  • constantly purchasing items on a whim without considering whether you truly need them
  • feeling uncertain or unclear about why you shop and what triggers you
  • constantly comparing yourself, your life, and your stuff to others
  • wondering where your money is going, and being scared of your bank statements
  • sacrificing your goals and financial future 
  • feeling stuck and like you’ve tried everything from no buys to budgeting, but nothing seems to bring lasting change
  • feeling empty or unfulfilled despite continuing to acquire more
  • regretting past purchases or constantly feeling like “I shouldn’t have bought that”
  • feeling like your life is stagnating or not progressing in the direction you truly desire

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way

instead, you could...

  • appreciate what you have and discover what ‘enough’ means to you
  • find fulfillment beyond stuff and discover what truly brings you contentment and happiness
  • say goodbye to mindless and thoughtless spending 
  • learn and understand your shopping triggers and habits— why and how you spend the way you do
  • stop comparing your life and your stuff to others because you’re truly satisfied 
  • get unstuck because you’re actively working towards the life you desire
  • get clear on your goals and values and make mindful spending choices that align with them— feel confident in your purchasing decisions and shopping habits
  • invest your time in meaningful activities and pursuits
  • go from promise breaker to promise keeper because you’ve develop the discipline and habits needed to make lasting change (and you’re following through!)

ready to transform your shopping habits?
Let me help you in just 3 months.

let yourself commit and feel confident in...

  • Pinpointing your Triggers: understanding your triggers and cues for why you shop the way you do.
  • Developing Healthy Habits: learning to break your bad shopping habits and replace them with healthier alternatives. 
  • Strategy Development: learning strategies for managing stress, boredom, and shopping triggers.
  • Differentiating Between Needs and Wants: distinguish between genuine needs and wants and shop in accordance with them.
  • Developing Shopping Criteria: creating strategies and criteria for how you want to shop, and defining what makes a good or bad purchase to you.
  • Building Contentment: exploring strategies for cultivating contentment in the big three categories (who you are, where you are, and what you have).
  • Building Self-Esteem: empower you to build self-esteem and confidence independent of material possessions. Recognizing your value beyond what you own.

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